Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vacation Wrap-Up

We wrapped up the last 2 days of our vacation with family, dear friends, and Mexican food!!! Could it get any better than that?? The above picture is of Darrell with the boys and Dave and Betty...his parents. We don't get to see them very often, but they love our boys and enjoy spending time with them.

Kyle's favorite food is Grandma Groff's tacos!! They are a Groff family tradition...passed down. I guess that means I should learn how to make them!! Kyle ate 8 tacos...not kidding!
We also spent a lot of time with the Golyer family. Paul was in my Pre-School class many years ago, and we have become dear friends. Joshua is Darrell and my Godchild. We adore this family and loved spending so much time with them. Denise's sister, her children, and her Mom and Dad were there also. Actually, we kind of invaded their family vacation. We pretend like we're part of their family!! Ahhhh...
"The Mommys" don't want to mess with us!
On Saturday, my Mom and Larry came out to spend the day with us. Nathan and Grammy hung out on the balcony and ate ice cream after Grampy, Darrell, Nathan, and Kyle golfed. I didn't get any golf pictures because it was 110 degrees and I didn't want to go out and take pictures. Call me crazy!
Denise's Mother made us authenic Mexican food. was so delicious. This is a photo of her homemade salsa set up on the table.
All the boys winding down our family vacation together. Wonder where we'll go next year??? I can't wait!!

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Grammy said...

The end of summer - oh so sad! Now -- back to school!!