Tuesday, September 8, 2009

First Day of School '09

Today was Kyle's first day as a Junior in High School. So hard to believe that my baby, that it seems I was just preparing for Kindergarten, is already in 11th grade. He ended up getting a zero period, which means he will have to be at school by 7:00 starting tomorrow. Yikes...that's really early! Let me tell you, it's really weird when your kid drives themself to the first day of school. Not a tear or a "gonna miss you Mom!" I think I made his wings too strong...he's flying away too soon!!
A very cheesy smile for Mom's blog.
As it was my students first day today also, Darrell was able to go to work late and take Nathan to school. 5th grade. Hard for me to say...he's in 5th grade!!
Here he is in his classroom. He is growing up and becoming more independent every day. I wish he'd stop and stay little for awhile longer.
I miss my "little" boys, but I am so proud of the compassionate and intelligent people they are becoming. <> Does anyone have a tissue I can borrow??

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Grammy said...

They are awfully darn cute -- and I can't believe they are 16 and 11 either -- I feel SO OLD!