Sunday, November 8, 2009

Brian's Waffle Iron

Darrell's childhood friend, Brian (aka BJ) gave us this waffle iron when Kyle was a baby. It is 16 years old and I have used it on a regular basis for all of those 16 years. One time, we spent a New Year's Eve at his house and he made waffles the next morning. Brian loves waffles and had many waffle irons in his closet, so he gave us this one and it's been making waffles for my kids...and husband...ever since. Each time I get it out, I think of BJ. Maybe he can come over for waffles sometime soon!!

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Grammy said...

Waffles, waffles everywhere! Looks like Nate will have enough waffles to last him a week! Alway a favorite at Grammy's house too - every time Nate, Eldon or Holly spend the night we make waffles for breakfast - it's become tradition! The grandkids love to add mini-chocolate chips and we also sneak in a little honey and vanilla - it's like eating a muffin - no syrup needed! Smokey the poodle likes them too - although we try to limit her consumption and she gets them minus the choc-chips! My waffle iron was a gift many years ago from my dear friend Linda Mac - and we use it ALL the time - thanks Linda - it was the perfect gift - and one of those that just keeps on giving!!