Sunday, November 15, 2009

They are the CHAMPIONS!!

Viejo Competitive Under 12 Team wins the Tournament!!! What a great way to end the season!! As always, Grammy and Grampy were there to cheer Nathan to victory!! They are his biggest fans...
Even Kyle showed up to cheer on his brother...He really does love him, even though they drive each other crazy sometimes!
Nathan on the left...walking away from the huddle on the pitchers mound mid-game. Must give the pitcher a pep talk!
Here's Nathan in the middle playing 3rd base...his favorite position.
Ready to make the play.
Fielding the ball.
Crashing the bunt...
Swing and hit...Good job Nathan! You played great tonight, we are very proud of you! have a couple of months off until Little League begins.

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Grammy said...

The little guys played a great tournament -- Nathan, even though he's been sick for 3 weeks, played all the tournament games and did an AWESOME job! We are anxiously waiting now for Little League to start up again. We just love week-end baseball!!