Sunday, November 15, 2009


Yesterday Kyle (shown here with his friend Kyle) hit his first-ever-in-a-game-homerun as a High School player!!! Last year he was SO CLOSE so many times...and now he did it!! We were so proud and I was screaming my fool head off. He has trained and practiced very hard and he deserves all of the recognitions and high fives he was getting. The huge bummer, Larry missed it!! He has been to every stinking game nearly Kyle's entire life, and he was working and missed the game. The other huge bummer...Darrell took a phone call at the minute Kyle was on deck and also missed it. The AWESOME Mom and I saw it.
Here's the actual ball perched proudly on the mantle.
Okay, now off to Nathan's game...Hope you're having a Happy Sunday!

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Grammy said...

It was a perfect home run - you could tell the minute he hit it that it was heading out of the park!!! We are really looking forward to the SJHHS varsity games this year! Yea Kyle!!