Monday, November 9, 2009

San Clemente Farmer's Market

Yesterday morning, Darrell and I walked through the San Clemente Farmer's Market. I just love going there. You can see the ocean and buy great organic produce at the same time!!
Baby cute!
Beautiful fresh cut flowers. I didn't buy any flowers.
To top it all off...a homemade pork tamale with fresh Mango salsa. What did we buy? A dozen organic Fuji apples, 3 avocadoes, 3 ears of corn, and a dozen brown eggs.

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Grammy said...

The first Sunday of every month they also have a street fair - lots of homemade wares. Since we live less than 3 miles from San Clemente, you'd think we'd go down there one of these beautiful Sunday mornings, huh? Maybe next week!!!