Tuesday, January 26, 2010


The Maddens came over to watch the Saints game with my "boys". Actually, we consider them family as well, even though we don't really look alike!! He he he...
Darrell and Curtis...
We had Chili Dogs...football food! Kyle enjoyed himself, so much so that he woke up the next morning with a bad stomache ache. Gee, you'd think the boy would learn by now.
Here's most of the guests...they were way louder than you would believe that 6 people could be. The neighbors were laughing. They all know that Darrell loves the Saints.
Nathan, Eldon, Holly, and my Mom were here also. They were not so much enjoying the football, but were finding different ways to entertain themselves!!
We're ready for the SuperBowl!! Oh, no, does that mean more Chili Dogs???

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Grammy said...

I was rooting for the Minnesota Vikings - just to get a rise out of the boys - it worked!

Thanks Dana for the great food - sometimes a chili dog just hits the spot! Yummo!!