Friday, January 22, 2010

Rain. Rain. Rain. Rain. MORE RAIN!

This is a picture of the flowers outside my backdoor at 5:00 this morning. The pots are overflowing with water and dirt. The pool is overflowing into the backyard and the puppy has to be forced to go outside to go potty. It's a TON of rain, it's crazy rain. This is day #5 of pouring down rain. I'm not sure how many inches of rain we have gotten, it's major. I love the rain, but this is a little overboard...even for me. Trees are down all over the place and people are without power. Do you think the "drought conditions" will be over now??


Grammy said...

This morning at 5:30 - our rain guage showed 4.5 inches since it started on Monday -- and it was still coming down - sideways!! Last night there was thunder and lightning - and lots of wind --- when did we move back to Kansas???? I heard on the news that this does not alleviate the drought!! As I'm driving yesterday afternoon on Oso Parkway, and struggling to see out the windshield even with the wipers on full blast, a sign flashing - "Warning - please conserve water"!! You have got to be kidding!!!!!

Grammy said...

I am so over the rain! We had 5 inches in 5 days - oh yes, and a leak in the family room :(