Sunday, January 3, 2010

Year-End Wrap-Up In Photos

This is a mixture of photos from several Christmas celebrations. This is a photos of Gary and Becky's kids with Kyle and Nathan. There is 16 years between the oldest and youngest grandchild. We went to a Mexican food restuarant the day after Christmas to celebrate "Groff-Style!"
Our newest and sweetest family member...Princess Riley.
Zach helping Riley open her gifts...
Our family on Christmas Day at my Mom's house. We had a great time, we decided NO GIFTS except for the kids this year. It was less stressful and much better.
My sister and her these guys.
Kisses for Mom...
We gave Eldon new binoculars...perfect gift!
And the Peach got a new American Girl doll and new clothes...cute!
The Grandkids got Grammy and Grampy a weekend at the Mission Inn in Old Towne Riverside. We could never give them an approprite gift for all the love, time, gifts, and patience they give to our kids...right Tanya??
Grammy and Grampy gave Nathan and Eldon remote control boats to use in the pool. I wonder if Molly could go for a ride?? He He He
My Love...our 22nd Christmas together. What a lucky guy!!
Grampy won the "unwrap the gift wearing a scarf and gloves" game.
Grammy made decorated sugar cookies.
Christmas Eve, before mid-night mass. I was messing with my flash/no flash/ changing ISO buttons on my camers.
Nathan on Christmas Eve.
Our Sweet Molly the middle of the excitement...of course.
Another flash experiment.
Our tree this year was beautiful. We bought it from Kyle's baseball team fundraiser. Gorgeous!
My Dear Friend Barbie sent Christmas gifts from North Carolina...Molly opened her own gifts...thanks Barbie and Nancy. We love and miss you!!
We had a great Christmas and are looking forward to a new year. I will begin working 30 hours a week starting tomorrow, and will be at 3 schools every week. It is a big change from 19 hours per week and 2 schools. The boys are back to school tomorrow, the Christmas decorations are packed away, all the closets are purged and 12 bags have gone to Goodwill. The laundry is caught up and the menu for the week is planned and food purchased. I want to stay organized this year, prepare ahead of time, and keep my home peaceful and tidy. Is this possible?? I say yes, I will try my darndest....
Happy 2010 to ALL of YOU!!!

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Grammy said...

Christmas was a lot of fun this year and Dana's right - a lot less stressful and easier on the bank account when the adults don't partake in the Christmas exhange. The kids had a great time and we enjoyed watching them open their stacks of gifts! On to 2010 ---