Monday, January 18, 2010

Nathan, Eldon, and Rain Running in the Gutter!!

Eldon is spending MLK Day with us, and it has been pouring since last night. They have been begging me to play in the rain...and by 1:00 I couldn't say "NO" any longer. I gave them my old gardening shoes and they headed out. It is not that cold, so that's why they are not all bundled up.
What more could a boy want...a buddy and pouring down rain.
Molly got out when the door blew open...the boys chased her down the street...I was cracking up!
Get back here Puppy.
The sidewalks are flooding. It is supposed to rain through Friday. I love the rain!
Eldon decided to make a boat out of aluminium foil to float down the gutters.
IT WORKED! The boat floated all the way down the street. Then, Nathan and Eldon came home, undressed in the garage, and now they're in the nice warm shower. Sounds like a fun day home from school to me.


Grammy said...

Looks like the boys had lots of fun playing in the rain - that was one of my favorite things to do when I was little (we called it mud-puddling!) - but we always had to worry about lightning! Here - not so much! Holly stayed with me and she spent lots of time painting and snuggling with Maggi on the couch while watching t.v. The rain came down in buckets and the wind blew my flower pots around. Another storm is coming in this afternoon and another right behind it on Wednesday! We were promised El Nino and I believe it has arrived!

Robin Vanden Berge said...

I too had to let Nicolas out of the house around 2 to play in the rain! Of course the rain was not too bad when we went out but then it started to pour and his PJ bottoms were soaked as were my sweat pants. It was so much fun watching him jump in all the puddles and listening to him giggle the entire time. I hope you are doing well.