Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day...Oh What Fun It Was!

Santa honored Nathan's request and dropped off some REALLY loud drums. Should have given earplugs for Mommy!!
Molly and Nathan playing Wii. Molly is always near one of us.
Darrell got me a new laptop. I think I'm being forced into the computer age.
Mom and Larry went to Candlelight service at The Gate. Then, we all went to Midnight Mass to watch Mom sing. Larry went to church 2 times within a few hours...WOW!
Cute picture of the Boys with Mom and Larry.
YIKES! Do you see what I see? Kyle driving Grampy's Caddy!
Kyle's new guitar. Isn't he cute...such a great kid!
Darrell's parents (we went there on Christmas day...after Santa) and his brother and family.
We went from the In-Law's house to Mom and Larry's house. The "Kids Table" at Mom and Larry's house on Christmas Night.
The "Adult Table". My Aunt Bev and Uncle Tom flew in from New York to celebrate Christmas with us. My cousin Matthew is with us also.
We had a WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! We didn't go overboard on gifts and needless stuff, but instead just enjoyed being together. Today I undecorated the house and almost have all of the Christmas decorations back in boxes and up in the attic...until next year.

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Grammy said...

The pictures say it all! Everyone had a fun time and we all ate too much - again. Seems to happen every year. Now -- marching on to 2009!!!