Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Nathan's Room~ There's No Place Like Home

The new shelves...
The "Beast"...
His bed...I made the sign above his bed a couple of years ago.
SOME of his trophies, books, bouncey ball collection, baseball collection, know all the important stuff!
This basket is FILLED with doggy beanie babies. When Nathan got his tonsils out, our dear friend BARBIE sent these to him. He loves them. I should have him count...I bet there is at least 60 of them, and he knows most of the breeds. Love you Barbie!

The weeks following Christmas is my "deep cleaning" time of year. I go through EVERY drawer, cabinet, closet, nook and cranny. I throw away stuff, give away stuff, organize stuff, and take everything to the sink to be cleaned or outside to be hosed off. I know it's a lot or work, but I love having a clean and organized house. Those of you who know me, will not at all be surprised by all of this...right?

Because Nathan got drums this year, his room needed a major overhaul in order to accomodate the giant loud beast! I took out several small pieces of furniture and made shelves that fit perfectly out of wood planks and cinder blocks that I painted. This was an idea that I saw on one of my favorite blogs...The Homesteading Housewife. Total cost...under $40. It turned out great, so much stuff fits on the shelves, and plenty of room for the drums. Here are a couple of photos for you to see.
We're having our family over for New Year's Eve tonight...gotta chill the champagne!

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Grammy said...

Wow -- turned out really nice - way to go Dana!! We're on our way over -- is the champagne chilled yet??