Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Is Coming!

Tanya bought this Nativity for us for our first Christmas. Joseph has been glued a couple of times, but I love it. When Kyle was younger, he used to call the pieces the "Jesus Action Figures!"
A few more signs I made for Christmas. Like before, each one cost me 71 cents. I already had the paint and I bought the little mittens in the $1 area at Target.

See anything wrong here?? We bought this tree our first year in this house, so it is 5 years old. It is falling apart, but we wanted to use it for one more year. Yesterday the bottom half of the lights stopped working...bummer!! I actually would prefer a real tree, but Kyle is severly allergic to evergreen trees.

Happy Christmas Eve Day! We're wrapped, baked, and ready for Christmas. We'll go to Church this afternoon and then open the gifts under the tree. Then, to Mom's for soup and to Midnight Mass.

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Tatersmama said...

LOL about the lights on the tree. At least you had a tree...I didn't even bother putting mine up this year. I dragged it out, brought it in the house and then said "oh never mind". I now trip over it every time time I go to the toilet. :-P

Your little signs are just gorgeous!