Thursday, December 11, 2008


16 years ago today, Kyle was born. We were rookie parents, and didn't know what the heck we were doing, but we were so excited and we were going to give it our best shot.

Kyle has been the joy of our lives (along with Nathan)!! He has grown into a respectful, compassionate, smart, athletic, and oh-so-handsome person. He has never, I mean NEVER been in any trouble (knock on wood!). He does his homework...usually, and he's a great friend to everyone. We are very proud of him and honored to be his parents.

Happy Birthday PUNK!! We love you so much!!


Grammy said...

I remember that day well - I was at work and got "the call". Dana was in labor -- I made it from Mission Viejo to Irvine in minutes - I drove like a crazy person! After I got there, I couldn't even remember getting in my car! We were all SO EXCITED to welcome the first child/grandchild. The past 16 years have just flown by and we are so happy that we have been such an integral part of Kyle's life. So what if we spoil him a little! Grampy and I are so proud of the wonderful young man that he has become -- he is smart, kind (right Nate?), gentle, loving, funny, talented -- and the list goes on --!! He's even a good driver! We love you Kyle! Stay as sweet as you are today -- and Happy 16th Birthday!
We love you bunches and bunches! Grammy and Grampy

Grammy said...

Oh, and I forgot to mention that he's VERY HANDSOME and BUFF!!
Love, Grammy

Anonymous said...

Kyle, everything Grammy said is right on. You are the best Grandson anyone could ask for so keep doing what you are doing and we love you very much. Happy 16th birthday. Grampy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Kyle!


Tony, Lisa Andrew, Colin and Morgan!