Monday, December 22, 2008

Snow So Cal???

Nathan and Eldon "got air" and went flying down the hill. So Fun!
Eldon and Holly. Eldon is ALWAYS chosen to be the driver...what a brave boy!
Walking back up is the hard part!
Here we go again. The thousandth time down the hill.

And again...
Schuey the Meacham Boxer getting in on the action.
Holly tried to be brave, but usually bailed off the side just as they started to go down.
Taking it sideways...
Hey, out for that tree...
I tried to warn should listen to your mother.
Eldon could not get enough of the snow.
Such a California girl. Skorts, tank top, and boots. It was a nice sunny day, but I had my sweater on. the end of the day.

Nathan went to play in the snow with Eldon and Holly on Saturday, then he spent the night. We picked him up yesterday afternoon and all the kids played in the snow, including Kyle. They had a blast. It's so weird that they live only 30 miles from our house, but the weather is EXTREMELY different. Who knew that we'd be able to play in the snow in Southern California?? On our way to their house, there were cars, people, kids, dogs, and the like lining the Ortega Highway...that's the road we take to their house. Everyone was having a blast playing in the snow! Here are a few pictures that my sister took. Are you ready for Christmas??


Tatersmama said...

I just stopped by abd wanted to say Hi!
If southern CA is getting that kind of snow, I wonder what it's like at *home*?
I'm from Angels Camp CA but I'm now living in Australia... and missing home more than I can say.
Christmas with 80-90 degree temps is just NOT right!

Chris Lundy said...

Just a quick hello to let you know that I stopped bye. Pictures look great! I love the snow in SoCal, it makes it feel like we have more than one season...

Happy holidays to you and the rest of the Groff family! Best regards, Chris.

Tatersmama said...

Angels Camp is in Calaveras county - about an hour or so north of Stockton, up in the Sierra Nevadas.

My son is a "Tater" too! I met a lovely lady (through a blog) who called herself Tater Mama.. but I see she's changed her name to Tater Tales now... probably to avoid confusion! I got the same shiver when I first saw the name of her original blog!

Anonymous said...

hey sis guess who? give you a hint goin' to have a baby soon, around twelve hours, another hint i am tall if you guess call me if you don't i will call you when Chase James Boyd makes his entrance into this world