Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Break from Baseball...for "ACE"

Nathan has his end-of-season team party last night. He has been playing year-round baseball for 4 years, which is a lot when you consider that he is only 10 years old. This year he played on a Pony team with 12 year olds...he has "played up" for several years. He loves to be on the field. This is Coach/Pastor Habib talking about Nathan. His nickname for the past several years has been "Ace." He had the second highest batting average on the team, and played first or third base almost every inning of every game.
Kyle helped Habib and Darrell coach the little boys this year.
Nathan and his buddies. Many of these kids have played together for years. Nathan has decided to take the summer off and not play baseball for a couple of months. He has been having problems with his growth plate in his right foot, so resting it for awhile is the best medicine. The team ended this year in 3rd place...not bad!

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Grammy said...

We are very proud of Nathan and his baseball skills! We will miss going to games this summer -- but we know he wants a break! We love you "Ace" :)

Grammy & Grampy