Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer School and Summer Baseball for KYLE

This is the trunk of a car of a VERY BUSY boy!! Kyle is re-taking Geometry this summer. He started yesterday. He is also on the All-Star baseball team for our League and playing High School summer baseball.
Here is his schedule:
5:30- Wake up
6:20- Carpool arrives for summer school. We didn't want him to drive as he would have to take the freeway during rush hour traffic.
7:15- Geometry class Begins.
1:30- Geometry class Ends. 6+ hours of Math...sounds like torture to me!
3:30- Arrival for Warm-Up before Game
5:00- Game Time.
8:00ish- Home from game. Shower, Dinner, Homework.
11:00ish- Bed to start all over again!

He has to maintain this schedule for only 3 weeks, then Summer School is over. Baseball continues through July. He has most of August off. Holy Cow, was it this busy when we were in High School??

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Grammy said...

I'm tired just reading it -- he is a VERY busy boy --