Saturday, June 20, 2009

Hailey Graduated!!

Nathan wasn't born when we moved onto our old street with the Newbry family. We're blessed that they've been a part of our lives for 11+ years...they're more like family than friends. Hailey and her sister Kenzie are like the big sisters our boys never had.
Are they cute, or what?? Jerry's Wood-Fired Dogs catered Hailey's Graduation Party. It was so yummy.
Hailey and her beautiful Grandma from Idaho. Many of their relatives came out for her graduation, I'm sure Idaho is missing them.
Darrell and Doug...uh, don't ask.
Oh, here they are...aren't they funny??
Here's Kelly. Um, I think she liked the dogs! Her birthday is on Friday. I think she is going to be 39ish.
Happpy Graduation Hailey-kins! We love you and know all of your dreams will come true. Thanks for inviting us to your fun party!
By the way, can you do my hair??
Okay, we're off to another Graduation party.

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