Saturday, June 20, 2009

No More Pencils!!

NO MORE BOOKS . . . NO MORE TEACHERS DIRTY LOOKS!!! Nathan's teachers. Lisa Reardon, on the left, is a dear friend. Her son, Zachary, and Kyle went to Kinder-Sixth grade together. Teresa O'Connell is on the right. They are both AWESOME teachers and both got their lay-off notices...something is wrong with this system...really wrong!! Thanks Mrs. Reardon and Mrs. O'Connell for challenging my baby everyday.
Last day picnic in the park. Nathan is the only one wearing yellow.
My "thinking" boy. I tell you, this boy thinks way beyond his years. Love him so much.
I cannot believe that I now have a Junior in High School and a 5th grader!! I am getting so old...but I have great kids!!! WELCOME SUMMER!

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