Friday, June 12, 2009

Last Day...

These are all of my kids and one of my aides at one site. Notice how many more girls than boys...LOVE these kids.
A few of my kidlets at my other site. SO very cute and smart and sweet...
One of "my Mommy's" and "my kids." When I started back to work 4 years ago, this little princess was a baby and her brother was not born. I have watched this family grow...
Another terrific Mommy with her little girl.
My newest baby Omar, and his big brother and Mommy.
When this little girl first came into my class the only English word she knew was "pizza." Now, she is having conversations in English and Spanish...amazing!
These families have blessed me on a daily basis. They have accepted me into their lives and trust what I say to them. I only hope and pray that I have made a small impact on their future.
By the way, there is a SLIGHT chance that our program will resume next year...but we won't know until mid to end of summer.

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