Monday, June 1, 2009

The New Babies

Tanya (my sister) and her family live up in the mountains. Last weekend she found out, after her husband had started the engine, that a Mommy bird had made a nest in the tailpipe of their RV...bad idea. The Mommy and some of the babies were killed, but these 2 little birdies lived. She took them in, and is raising them as her own. Don't worry, she got a lot of advice from Bird Authorities on the internet, and plans to release them into the wild when they are ready.
She feeds them dog kibble soaked in water until it is all gushy and stinky. They are SO CUTE and SO LOUD when she feeds them.
This is her version of a nest. A plastic food container lined in clean paper funny. They are so soft and sweet...Eldon and Holly named them "Piggy" and "Bobby." You can kind of see the one on the left has a bum leg from flying out of a tailpipe. Good luck Tanya...aka "Mommy Bird."

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So Calif Newbs said...

whew you scared me I thought you were pregnant with twins and kept it a secret from me!