Thursday, August 13, 2009

18 Years Together...and Counting!!

Darrell and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary on Monday. I Love my Husband, more today than the day I married him. He makes me laugh, encourages me to do things I don't have the guts to try, appreciates all that I do for him, gave me 2 gorgeous boys, is a fantastic and "hands-on" Dad, puts up with my organized ways, washes my car, and works very hard every single day so that I can work part-time. Okay, enough mushy stuff...let's have some fun!!
This past weekend we took a spontaneous trip to The Mission Inn. It was so gorgeous. Everywhere you look there are beautiful antique furniture, amazing architecture, and colorful flowers. We have NEVER taken a trip on the spur of the moment. I usually plan stuff months in advance. My Mom and Larry took care of the boys and the Puppy.
This is a copper relief on an outside wall. I believe it is supposed to be Father Junipero Sera.
This was our room. It looked like it was in a castle.
Some of the peaks of a couple of the buildings. This hotel recently had a $22 million renovation, it now covers an entire city block. You could walk around and look at all of the furniture, walls, flowers, and statues for days. They had a guided tour, but we didn't have time to take it. Next time.
My friend Jill (hi Chilli) would LOVE this place. I took about 150 pictures...and I could have taken many more.
This photo was taken straight out of the door of our room. Can you believe that this is in Riverside??
Of course, we had to eat Mexican food.
Tacos for me.
Looking up in the Rotunda.
We had a great time. We would have liked to stay for several more days, but we missed our boys, even though they didn't miss us. They love staying with Grammy and Grampy. Tomorrow I'll post pictures of our delicious anniversary dinner at a restaurant across the street from Mission Inn. Maybe the best meal I have ever had.
By the way, I know my posts are sporatic lately, but it's summer. I have kids in and out of the house all day and we are taking a lot of field trips. Sorry, but the computer is my last priority.


Jill said...

ahhh...Happy Anniversary! I remember that day like it was yesterday!

What a gorgeous place...I'm jealous! :-)

Grammy said...

Looks so peaceful -- happy you had such a great time -- boys and dog had fun too!!!

Love, G