Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh No...O'Grady's!!!

On Saturday night my cousin Monique and her family were in town, so they all came over for dinner. It was really fun and relaxed... Not sure why the dessert picture came up first, but we had Cajeta with cookies, brownies, and berries. Cajeta (ka-hay-ta) is Mexican caramel sauce that you drizzle over the cookies and berries. It is very delicious.

This is our dear friend Curtis. (aka Uncle Curt-y) He has recently lost 80 pounds and he looks terrific. We love having him over, and my boys adore him!

The "little" boys playing Tech Deck in the entry way. Molly kept getting their little skateboards and running, it was very funny.

The "big" boys had a jam session. They were actually really good...and cute!

Jenna and Mom took a nap on the couch. Mom wasn't feeling well...

All of the kids swam, but I only got a picture of my Princess Holly.

Here are the guests of honor...Tommy and Monique. They visit at least once a year, and our kids are really good friends. They are headed back to Arizona right the 120 degree heat!!

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Grammy said...

It was a fast and furious week-end -- always fun to see the O'Grady's!! As usual, the food was oh-so yummy!!!