Wednesday, August 5, 2009

USS Benefold Tour

This past weekend we were lucky enough to be able to tour a United States Navy Destroyer. It was docked at Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station and they were having an rare Open House. The line to get onto the ship was over 3 HOURS long!! I couldn't believe all of the people.
One of the Navigational Leutients was talking to us. All of the men and women were so knowledgable, friendly, and willing to answer questions. I was very impressed and honored to talk with them.
The ship was ENORMOUS, but much smaller than our cruise ship. They have about 280 people working onboard.
This soldier was messing with Nathan while he was going through security. Even made him stand on one foot while raising his hand above his head...we were laughing so hard.
This is one of the Navy SEAL vehicles. Machine gun and all...
An army helicopter.

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