Thursday, October 9, 2008

Before and After ~ Molly's Space

This is Molly's area in the kitchen. She also has a bed in our room, the bonus room, and the family room. She is so spoiled...who would do that for a DOG?? She is a messy girl. She takes her toys out of the basket, ALL OF THEM, everytime I pick them up. By the way, she also has a basket full of toys upstairs. She has not chewed up anything she's not supposed to, so I guess the toys are working.


Grammy said...

Definitely a spoiled rotten dog -- but so darn sweet & cute!!!

Grammy said...

I believe she has a nicer looking room and more toys that many children in this world; and don't you just love the picture of the boys at her eye level? Like I said - spoiled, rotten dog!!!