Friday, October 17, 2008

Kansas Girl Allergic To WHEAT!!??

How can it be?? The girl from Kansas (that's me) is allergic to wheat! I don't really get how, at 40 years old, they can finally diagnose an allergy. It is not a itchy eye, stuffy nose kind of allergy. It affects your small intestines and doesn't let your body absorb vitamins, nutrients, iron, calcium...and so on. Who knew?? more wheat for me. No bread. No pasta. No tortillas. No muffins. No donuts. I have been shopping at the organic markets for Gluten-Free products. Some of them taste okay, but they're expensive. Anyone have any good Gluten-Free recipes???


Kristen@TheFrugalGirl said...

Ohhh, man! I would be a very unhappy camper if I had to go gluten-free.

You might enjoy
She's just had a baby, so she's not posting a lot at the moment, but she does gluten free cheaply.

Aaress said...

I know how hard it can be to go gluten-free! I was diagnosed two years ago and it has been a real challenge.

You mentioned donuts---I just found an incredible donut recipe that is healthy, delicious, and gluten-free. You can find the recipe at my blog -

Best to you as you take up this new adventure!

Grammy said...

How is that possible? Wheat is the "staple" in all American foods! Poor, poor Dana!!!

Li loves David said...

Hi Dana! I'm enjoying your blog! Gluten free is great once you get used to it. I eat bread, pasta, tortillas, muffins, and donuts, but now they don't make me sick. Check out my donut recipe at
And thanks for stopping by my blog!