Sunday, October 12, 2008

Uh-oh...Kyle's Ankle

Kyle and Nathan get SO beat up playing baseball. They both play so hard, and skateboard and bike and play football in the get the point. Their arms and legs (and sometimes other body parts) always look like they've been in a terrible bar brawl...and lost!! Today Kyle fouled a ball off of his ankle...OUCH! You know it's bad when all of the spectators, from both sides, let out a big sigh...all at the same time. After that happened, he "jacked one over center!!" Baseball slang for "hit a huge homerun over center field!!" Nathan was playing in Hacienda Heights (about 45 minutes away) today. Both teams won...hooray!!

AND, it's not even noon yet and we're finished with baseball. Okay, I'm off to the market and Darrell is taking the boys to pizza with the team.

Y'All have a great week.


Grammy said...

Poor, poor Kyle! The homerun was awesome and I cringed at the sound of baseball on ankle bone! If a kid is going to get hurt, it's Kyle!! Congrat's to both boys on their wins!! Yeah!!

Jill said...