Friday, October 3, 2008

Molly's In Kindergarten

Okay, so let's just say she was NOT the star student. She was doing great at first. Walking on the leash, sitting when I told her to "sit", not barking. Then, she got tired and was done...we still had 40 minutes of class left!! The instructor was trying to help me get her to walk and heel, but she just wanted to sit and lay down. She has a birth defect in her front leg, and she tires very easily. I was trying to force her to walk, and I think she just was too fatigued. I talked to the instructor after the class, and we agreed not to push her too much, because of her "special needs." The photos were taken by Nathan...the first and second photo are Molly "walking", the third photo is the instructor "talking" to her, and the last photo is the car ride home. We had one very pooped puppy.

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Grammy said...

Poor Molly - what a mean mommy!!