Saturday, October 18, 2008

Whole Lotta Puppy Food!

Molly cannot eat "regular" puppy food like most dogs. She has food "issues." Those of you who know our family will not be at all surprised by this. The food she eats, for dogs with sensitive digestive systems, comes in 20 pound bags. Holy cow, Molly only weighs 9 pounds...and she eats about a cup of food per day. If we have a big earthquake, we could feed all the dogs in the neighborhood depending on where she is in her bag of food. Check out the picture...pretty funny and a visual image of this craziness.


Grammy said...

OMG -- that will last her until NEXT Christmas!!! How did you get her to pose for her picture???

Jill said...

that would last a couple of weeks in my house....wanna trade?