Saturday, October 25, 2008

Typical Saturday Morning

10:00 on a Saturday morning. Kyle is sleeping...typical teenager...although he does have to get up soon to go to the gym for his training session.
Me, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen, catching up on the computer, looking through the boys' school work, making know, the normal Mom stuff!
Darrell is washing the cars while Molly supervises! Nathan did help him...for about 2 minutes!
Nathan is watching some mindless cartoon and eating cookies. Nice...whatever! I don't feel like arguing this morning. He did already eat some waffles.
SO, now you've seen a typical Saturday at our house. What's wrong with this picture...stinkin' kids!! What's happening at YOUR house?


Grammy said...

It appears that your children have it made!! Why is it "your area" looks so disheveled????

John said...

Happy Happy birthday to Joyce the chomins love ya