Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kyle's Baseball Team...So CUTE!!

Before each Varsity home game, we take turns having the whole team to our houses for dinner. It's so fun to see the boys "off the field." A couple of days ago, we had the party at Sammy's house and we were the helper family. I brought drinks, dessert, and appetizers and Sammy's family supplied the main dish. Since they are Japanese, his Mom made sushi!
I couldn't believe the boys LOVED the sushi! They also had Teriyaki chicken, eggrolls, and fruit. The boys are SO CUTE and well-mannered!
After the dinner, they went in the front yard to play a game. Basically, it goes like this. You have to catch 2 baseballs, one in each hand, at one time...thrown across the circle. If you drop one, you remove one article of clothing, if you drop both, then 2 pieces of clothing. We were CRACKING UP. After the boys had removed as many clothes as possible, they must leave the game. Well...shortly after this picture, the coach pictured in the front of the photo, turned on the hose and sprayed the boys. They scattered and so he drenched their clothes...
I am very proud of Kyle for the choices that he is making and the friends he chooses!

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