Thursday, April 22, 2010

Teacher's Strike Day 1

Our teacher's are on strike...and it makes me really sad! The entire school year they have had meetings, negotiations, fact-finding missions, and disruptions to our kids school day. I feel so bad for the teachers, but also for the kids. I have been pulled from my "regular" assignment into a classroom. Today I worked with 2nd graders, and they are amazing, but they want their regular teachers and I don't blame them. I took this photo today at recess time. The teachers were outside the fence with signs and chanting and blowing whistles. Of course, all the kids ran over to see their beloved teachers. There was news media and yelling back and forth. The bottom line--it's terrible for all of us. I am not sending my kids to school, no normal teaching is going on and I don't think they have to see all of this. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the last day!

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