Friday, April 23, 2010

Teacher's Strike~ Day 2

Today was the 2nd day of the Teacher's strike. Once again, I left my regular post (teaching Mommy and Me classes to ESL parents and children..which I LOVE!!) and was in with the 2nd graders. They were delightful and I had a great day with them, but I would much rather this whole thing be over so the children get back to their normal routine. Today, I decided they needed to have some fun. SO....I decided to bring some activities in from my classroom and let them play...they had a blast! Check out what they you can see I did not photograph any of the children's faces as they are not "my" children. They made amazing structure with the blocks!
And beautiful patterns with the Geo-Boards!
They especially loved the Dot Paints. Many of the children had never seen Dot Paints...they made some beautiful pictures!
Outside of the school the teachers were yelling, chanting, singing, playing tamborines, blowing is so terrible. Below is the District Office that I passed by on my way home. You can see many teachers surrounded the office and picketed ALL DAY LONG!!
I hope this is all resolved before Monday. The kids deserve a quality education with teachers who love them!

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