Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lithuanian Baseball

Last night Nathan's Little League team played a Goodwill Game against the All-Star Team from Lithuania! It was so fun to watch, but freezing cold and windy. SO, I took pictures of the pre-game hoopla, but no game fingers were frozen. The boys were very kind and welcoming of the team.
Just "regular" kids who love to play baseball, but happen to live near Russia. On the field, they were yelling out calls in their language. The coach was yelling at them in Lithuanian...our coach was yelling at our kids in English. Probably saying the same exact thing in 2 different languages!!
A couple of kids from other teams were chosen to help play in this game. Darrell is one of the coaches for Nathan's team.
The Lithuanians traveled with 2 ladies and 1 man coach. They had been here for 2 weeks, playing many games, and were going home today. I bet some of the kids really missed their parents. (I'm nervous about sending Nathan to Science Camp next month and it's only for 4 days 2 hours away.) The kids played GREAT baseball. We were all cheering for BOTH teams. It was so cold, but we didn't care...we were watching kids be kids, they didn't care about politics or geography or wars or education...they were there to play baseball and have fun!! Oh, and by the way, it did help that WE WON!!

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