Sunday, August 31, 2008

Angels Game

Darrell and Nathan went to the Angels game last night and this is what Nathan reported when they got home:

1. The Angels won and now they're "16 ahead."

2. Torey Hunter "made an awesome save at the fence."

3. The chicken strips were as hard as rocks.

4. The lady behind him knew nothing about baseball and kept kicking his seat.

5. They ran out of cheese pizzas.

6. The hats and jerseys were way too much money. One jersey cost $400!

7. The parking lot was already full when they got there, and it was an hour before the game.

8. Their seats were really good.

So, there you go, the highlights according to a 10-year-old!


Grammy said...

Sounds as if he covered it all ---

Jill said...

10 year olds always have the best perspective!