Thursday, August 21, 2008

Eldon's Back From Vacation...YEAH!!

Eldon is my nephew. He is Tanya and Bret's son...they also have Holly, I'll talk about her another time. Anyway, back to Eldon. I took care of Eldon when he was a baby until he was 2 years old for 3 days per week, he is 4 months younger than Nathan. As you can imagine, he and Nathan are very close...almost like siblings even though they have very different personalities. We call him El Dee Buck because his full name is Eldon Buckstone Meacham. When Nathan doesn't see him for awhile, he misses him so much. He was on a 3 week vacation and returned this past weekend. They spent Monday with Grammy. Tuesday with Tanya and Wednesday here with us and we did not want El Dee to leave.

They are very busy boys. While at my house they; chased the dog down the street after they let her out of the house, looked for tennis balls on the slope, ate Fun Dip, went to a PTA meeting with me, ate at Carls Jr, used their slingshots (a gift from my sister...I'll get her back someday!!), played with HotWheels (I made them guess and count them...204 total...Eldon won $5), and did something with an empty milk jug and water (I didn't ask...sometimes it's better that way!!).

School starts in 2 weeks and Eldon is going to a new school closer to their business. We'll miss seeing them on a regular basis. We love you Eldon and Holly!!


Anonymous said...

You are quite the photographer..Great Pictures!!!

I can't believe how big Molly is. She is adorable and growing up so fast.

Grammy said...

On Monday I had Nate, Eldee and Holly - the boys spent most of the morning shooting at everything with their slingshots and getting on Holly's nerves. We spent all afternoon at the beach - boogie boards in tow. Eldee caught about 50 sandcrabs. We all got a little too much sun but had a great time! Grammy was pooped!!!

Grammy said...

Yep -- like 2 peas in a pod!!!!