Saturday, August 9, 2008

Golf and Rest

After a relaxing morning and a long swim in the pool, the boys golfed this afternoon. According to Darrell, "Kyle hit a 'birdie' on the hardest rated hole and Nathan was 'smoking' the ball." It was 102 degrees, they had a blast. Nathan was ready to go out again.

On another note, I cannot believe the beautiful flowers out here. How can they possibly live in this intense heat??

My Mom and Larry are getting along fine with the puppy. She spent much of last night trying to chew her way out of her gate, but was happy when Larry woke up this morning. Good luck tonight.


Grammy said...

Molly chewed on 2 areas of the gate - down to the wire. She didn't get out but her face was all wet with slobber - nice try though. I checked to make sure all of her teeth were still in her mouth. Wouldn't hurt her to lose a few though - she has approx 50 of them.

Grammy said...

Prior comment was Friday night's adventure. Last night Molly got me up at 3:00 a.m. - ready to play! She ran around the house with me chasing her for 30 minutes, we finally settled down on the couch around 5 and slept 'til Larry got us up at 6:30. It's 10:13 a.m. and I am ready for a long nap!!! Please come home.

Grampy said...

Sounds like Kyle and Nate are playing like the pros. Grampy will need lessons from them. Good job on the course and have fun on the rest of your trip.