Friday, August 8, 2008

Golf in the Desert

A long weekend in Palm Springs started today. We left this morning and went to Darrell's parents for lunch. Betty makes the BEST tacos...Kyle ate 6 of them. Now, we are at the Marriott Shadow is beautiful, but hot. I mean cooking hot. Really really hot and humid. We're having fun. Darrell took the boys to the pool this afternoon and I went to "The Super WalMart." I wish we had a "The Super WalMart." Then, tonight we went to pizza at our favorite pizza place out here. Tomorrow the boys are going golfing. Nate can only go out after 3:00, so hopefully they don't spontaneously combust on the course!!

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SO CAL NEWBS said...

I love Shadow Ridge - we have stayed there twice with the basketball team. Have a great "hot" weekend.