Friday, August 22, 2008

School Shopping

Only one more week of summer's bittersweet! I like being home with the kids and their unending stream of friends through the house and the lazy days, but I also am anxious to get back into a routine. We bought A LOT of school supplies, they're so cheap at this time of year, so I donate to Nathan's teacher and keep a large stash here for the year. I also use them sometimes at work for my low-income families. You can see a photo of Nathan's new clothes and shoes. Then, a photo of Kyle's closet and his rainbow of shirts. You cannot see his 12+ pairs of expensive jeans and at least 20 pairs of shoes. For this reason, he is not getting many new school clothes...he doesn't need them. Grammy often buys their clothes and shoes, she buys very nice stuff...not in my budget. Thanks you!!

I hope those of you already back in school are having a great beginning of the school year. Our first day is September 2...

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Grammy said...

We have to spend our money on something -- might as well be our wonderful grandkids!!!