Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'll Take Vanilla

I have always loved vanilla ice cream and yogurt. I am a simple girl, with simple tastes and I prefer vanilla. I occassionally choose a different topping, usually chocolate chip cookie dough...but ALWAYS vanilla. When I was in high school and college, my friend Anita and I would get lots of yogurt...almost daily right, "Nita"?? I would walk in and order my usual, and she would get the weirdest flavor on the menu. "Could I have the Salmon Peanut Butter Jasmine flavor?" she'd say. Yuk...just give me vanilla.

By the way, Anita now lives in Minnesota with her firefighter husband and cute, but onery, twin boys. I wonder if Kiel and Kole (her boys) order vanilla...I bet not!!


Grammy said...

That looks so yummy -- I'd love to try the Tart Mango! --- guess where I'm going for desert tonight?

Anita said...

OOOOOOOOOOHHH! And top it with Creme'De Minth and Nutella!!!!! The boys love lemon sorbet- they call it mello yello.