Thursday, August 14, 2008

Molly Says Thanks

A HUGE THANK YOU from Molly to my Mom and Larry (aka Grammy and Grampy) for taking care of Molly Mo when we were in the desert. She was mostly a good girl, except for: 1. waking them up between 3:30 and 4:30 each morning, 2. completely chewing up the vacuum cleaner cord (on the new vacuum) 3. eating Kyle's headphones 4. a couple potty accidents in the house, and 5. harrassing Smokey and Maggie.

We love and appreciate all you do for us. You are a huge support and we adore both of you.

By the way- thanks also for carting Kyle around the last couple of days.


Dana said...

How cute is she?!?!?
Now I want one!

The Texas Dana ;)

Jill said...

I wish my animals could would make things alot easier around her. I'll have to call you next time so I know where to get a talking dog...we have the chewers don't need any of those!
She is cute and has a great name!

Grammy said...

We really enjoyed taking care of Molly and for the most part - she was a very good girl!! Definitely a princess and she made sure we all knew who was in charge. Smoky ignored her, Maggi tolerated her and I just loved on her. However, I am still looking for 2 of my shoes - it's one of her favorite past-times - grab, run, hide it!!!! Thanks Molly for making our week fun. Now -- to catch up on my sleep!!!